GraficoThe Delegations constitute a direct and safe bridge between the association and the people involved in the world of LIPODISTROPHIES, families and citizens who wish to improve the quality of life of this group.

The AELIP delegation program aims to establish framework guidelines to enable a coordinated work between the heads of the delegations and the departments of the AELIP association. This project allows and develops the creation of an organizational and operational structure.

The AELIP association establishes in its statutes that it has an international scope.

What is necessary to establish an AELIP Delegation?

In order to establish an AELIP delegation, it will be necessary the participation of at least 3 members who will be in charge of invigorate it.

To ensure its proper functioning, it will be necessary to have a:

1. Delegate:In charge of directing and executing the AELIP Delegation Program in the delegation represented

2. Coordinator: In charge of respecting the AELIP Delegation Program, and working alongside the delegation

3. Technician: Responsible for performing functions in various areas of the delegation


If you want to establish an AELIP Delegation Contact Us


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