What is ISLIP?

The Information Service and Lipodystrophies Orientation is a reference devise worldwide which its main purpose is provide the necessary information to people who need know a diagnosis about their disease and suffer symptoms associated with lipodystrophy diseases.

AELIP offers its Information Service and Lipodystrphies Orientation (ISLIP) to any person with a diagnosis or suspicion of it.

 How can ISLIP help me?

-        Provide me information about Lipodystrophies.

-        Advise me on existing resources for relatives and those affected by Lipodystrophy.

-        Contact a Medical Specialist in Lipodystrophies.

-        Refer my questions to a committee of experts in Lipodystrophy.

-        Facilitate me the access to a Psychological Support Service.

-        Help me to contact people suffering from the same pathology.

To whom is it directed?

  • People without diagnosis.
  • Poeple affected by a lipodystrophy.
  • People in the process of diagnosis.
  • Relatives.
  • Other Associations. 
  • Students. 
  • Professionals.
    Organizations related with the RD.

Who makes up the ISLIP?

The ISLIP is made by a multidisciplinary team that attends through Technical Advise on adequate and demanded socio-sanitary resources in each case. 

Does this service have a cost?

No. The Information Service and Lipodistrofias Orientation is completely free of charge.

¿How can I contact ISLIP?

- By phone calling +34 692397840 or send us a WhatsApp message  Grafico

- Via e-mail

- Through our  contact form

- Social media  Grafico Grafico Instagram Youtube

-In person at  Aelip headquartes 


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