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Dr. Víctor Antonio Cortés Mora, new member of AELIP's expert committee

With this new incorporation, there are now 15 experts who make up the committee of the International Association of Relatives and Sufferers of Lipodystrophies. This is an initiative at the service of users so that they can respond to any medical question regarding lipodystrophies.

Dr. Víctor Antonio Cortés is an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition, Diabetes and Metabolism at the School of Medicine of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He is also a surgeon and a polyclinic doctor of nutrition, diabetes and metabolism at the San Joaquin Medical Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Since 2010 he has been involved in various research projects such as "Search for mutations in the AGPAT2 gene in a family with generalized congenital lipodystrophy type I", "Design of healthy food matrices", "Role of intestinal epithelium in diabetic dyslipidemia" or "Role of mitochondria and caveolae lipid composition on AGPAT2-dependent lipodystrophy" in which he is currently participating as the researcher in charge.

His work in teaching began in 2012 and he has directed and evaluated several master's and doctoral theses.
Dr. Cortés is a member of the Cellular Biology Society of Chile, the Chilean Society of Endocrinology and Diabetes and the Chilean Society of Nutrition, Toxicology and Bromatology

In this way, AELIP has for the first time a professional from Chile giving more prestige to this resource that AELIP implements to improve the quality of life of people and families who live with a Lipodystrophy in the world.

AELIP reminds you that in order to be part of this committee you must fulfill the criteria and requirements that can be found in the following link:


Dr. Víctor Antonio Cortés Mora, new member of AELIP's expert committee
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