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AELIP starts the procedures to obtain the quality certificate in ISO standard

For an organization, the proper management of its resources becomes a task of special importance. The implementation of a management system adapted to the entity's own needs allows it to project an image of excellence, credibility and quality to the public administration, sponsoring companies, partners or society in general.

AELIP, through the company OCA global - international private capital group - aims to obtain an efficient, agile and reliable certification service adapted to its needs, within the framework of the current market.

In this way, the accreditation of the quality certificate allows the International Association of Families and People Affected by Lipodystrophy to be more effective and efficient, that is, to achieve the planned objectives with an adequate use of resources; to project an image of credibility and quality; to systematize the activities carried out, thanks to the homogenization of the processes; to evaluate the work, reviewing how it is done and under what conditions; to have more information for decision making, through data and indicators; to make the changes that the organization needs, to achieve its goals and to develop its mission.

In addition, it allows to promote one of the main objectives of AELIP: the research, stimulating the study of the lines of improvement. Taking advantage of the tools that the systems propose and a widely proven management methodology and the motivation of the professionals working in the organization are other skills to be developed.

This is one more step of AELIP in its commitment with the investigation and with satisfying the needs, interests and expectations of those affected in Lipodystrophies and their families.

This initiative is added to the procedures already initiated in this 2020 with Fundación Lealtad, to accredit AELIP as an NGO, which complies with the nine principles of transparency and good practices.

AELIP starts the procedures to obtain the quality certificate in ISO standard
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