GraficoThe World Day of Lipodystrophies emerges as a platform to develop reference activities, as well as to launch, bring together, and promote political and social actions in different parts of Spain, and Europe, in collaboration with the Ibero-American Pan-Regional Alliance (ALIBER, for its acronym in Spanish) and the European organization for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS). The first World Day of Lipodystrophies was celebrated in 2013.

celebrates in March, at international level, the most important awareness campaign of the year: the World Day of Lipodystrophies 31st March

This campaign is promoted by the European Organization for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS) and is carried out in coordination with the Ibero-American Alliance for Rare Diseases (ALIBER), the Spanish Society of Lipodystrophy and the European Lipodystrophy Consortium

Purposes and Objectives of the World Day

Among the objectives of AELIP for this campaign:

  • To raise awareness about the public health problems posed by lipodystrophies.
  • To set in motion actions that have an impact on avoiding the social isolation that in many cases suffer those affected with lipodystrophies and their family members.
  • To carry out outreach activities to publicize the characteristics and peculiarities of lipodystrophies.
  • To carry out coordination actions with all the parties involved: patients, public administration, health professionals, etc., to search for resources and improve the care of those affected.

GraficoWhy a sign?

Because it is a distinctive element that favours the adhesion of all people to the campaign. It generates a sense of unity and cohesion around people with lipodystrophies and exemplifies the conceptual idea of the campaign in an easy and simple way. The origin of the sign comes from the support for research on lipodystrophies.

Which sign are we going to promote?

Sign: Campaign "L"; form an L with the thumb and forefinger

What do we want to inspire? Why this sign?

- This sign symbolizes the initial "L" of the Word Lipodystrophies

- It carries out message of union and accompaniment.

- It transfers positivism, a feeling of victory.


1. The central action of this day will revolve around a campaign launched on social networks (Twitter and Facebook), in order to raise society's awareness of lipodystrophies and, in turn, gather the greatest possible number of support for the research work on said disease. To participate in this campaign, all those interested are invited to take part by providing a photograph showing with their hands an "L", formed with the thumb and forefinger, on the 31st of March, the International Day of Lipodystrophies. The "L" is the initial of the disease (Lipodystrophies).

At the same time, a tag or hashtag is designated with a character string formed by the AELIP word preceded by a hash key (#). It is, therefore, a metadata tag preceded by a special character, so that both the system and the user identify it quickly: #AELIP2018, to spread it on Twitter and achieve a Trending topic 31st March, 2018




Motto of the World Day of Lipodystrophies 2018:

La realidad de vivir sin grasa: Lipodistrofia

The reality of living without fat : Lypodistrophy

2. Another central action of this day will revolve around the reading and adhesion to the Manifesto of the World Day of Lipodystrophies in different parts of the world, which includes eight points where it is analysed the needs of this group, actions and objectives are promotes to cover them.

3. Actions of social and school awareness through informative material: Informative videos "Living with a lipodystrophy", " World Day of Lipodystrophies Campaign- 31st March", leaflets and posters editions, press conferences, photography and short stories contests, Photographic exhibition "Lipodystrophies full of life" and "Lipodystrophies go to school".


  • Dissemination of our website and social networks amongst your contacts.
  • GraficoTake part in the activities set, either assisting or collaborating as a volunteer in their development.
  • Contact your local Council to adhere to the World Day.
  • Do a visible activity for the World Day or raise funds through an activity for those affected by lipodystrophies, using our corporate image.
  • Participate in the AELIP CAMPAIGN – Write on TWITER the hashtag #AELIP2018 and attach a photo with the L gesture of lipodystrophies with the right hand.
  • Get a support video involving a famous personality.
  • Carrying out sensitization activities.
  • Dissemination through different means of communication.
  • Mass emails to your friends and acquaintances.

Commemorative video celebration of the World Day of Lipodystrophies from the 31st of March, 2017, where our president invites you to collaborate and support the association by giving visibility to this set of rare diseases called Lipodystrophies

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