GraficoAELIP was born in 2012, when Celia Carrión Perez de Tudela went to eternity and we realised what she got from us, from our capacities, and from life. Above all, it started to initiate a RESEARCH project to give hope and a future to those who suffer from this disease in the world.

The effort, suffering and knowledge that people who struggle with such a complex and different disease as LIPODYSTROPHY gives us, makes us realise that it cannot all simply disappear. That is why we need to continue with the research that will allow us to cure lipodystrophies, to feel that those who are not with us anymore are still fighting for others to come, and to prove that a future is possible if research is conducted.

From the blue sky reflected by the background of the AELIP logo, our little princess meets us, together with many more who suffered this disease without any remedy. That’s what’s represented by the angel wings that appear in white and that form the A of “Association” and the A of “Alliance”, which are essential, Graficoand the “A” of “All together” in the search for hopeful results. Especially taking into account that this disease is of a genetic origin and that the XXI century, in which we find ourselves, allows us to develop a system of prevention and an improved life expectancy for our future generation, thus improving the day-to-day quality of life of people suffering from these lipodystrophies.

The reflection and need of those of us affected is TO KNOW OURSELVES and TO LET OTHER CITIZENS KNOW about this situation, manifesting the needs, CLAIMING services, and bringing together the resources available. The aim is that those affected benefit from such an important step as having access to a REFERENCE UNIT with a REGISTRY of the people affected. A reference unit that can provide us with comprehensive care, thus becoming a SPECIALIST in this matter, and reaching the patient immediately and in a COORDINATED way through the different professionals that we need. A reference unit that invests efforts so that an effective response can be provided to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE of those affected and their families, hence achieving a hopeful future.
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