All people who wish to collaborate voluntarily with the entity may do it through the Volunteer area. A Volunteer Plan is drawn up which sets out the objectives and activities to be carried out by the volunteer staff, as well as the technical activities such as: registration of volunteers, signing of voluntary commitments and voluntary insurance

GraficoVolunteering is an essential, alive and important part of our entity. Our volunteer program covers different ages and profiles: high school students, university and vocational students and professionals from different fields. Thanks to them the activities of the annual work plan of AELIP can be developed.

How can I become a volunteer?



Can I do volunteer work occasionally for an event if I have no much time?

If your time is shorter, you can also collaborate in any of our activities without having to assume a stable commitment with the organization. We have generous people who give their time and help in our events. You can spend a great day participating from our street events, sporting events, music festivals, Christmas campaigns ... to organize a stand in a square.

Enter our Agenda to know the next activities that we will develop from the association. If you wish to receive more information about our volunteer program, contact AELIP


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