What is AELIP?

AELIP is an Association of Families and People Affected by Lipodystrophy, created on 19 April 2012 and registered in the National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior under Registration Number 600744, dated 31/08/2012 and with tax ID Number G-73753717. AELIP was declared organization of public interest on 15 April 2016.

It is composed of parents, relatives, and professionals of all areas, with the aim of creating spaces for the exchange and coexistence among people diagnosed with lipodystrophies and their relatives. It also aims at raising awareness about the public health issue represented by lipodystrophies, which are rare due to their low prevalence


Our actions target children, young people, and adults who suffer from lipodystrophies, and the issues derived from this condition.


AELIP’s objective is improving the quality of life of people suffering from lipodystrophy, and to that end it will develop and implement services directed at people and families who coexist with any lipodystrophy anywhere in the world.


AELIP is currently a member of the following entities:

-Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER), Scope of action: National (Spain)

-European Organisation of Rare Diseases (EURORDIS), Scope of action: European

-Ibero-American Alliance of Rare Diseases (ALIBER), Scope of action: Ibero-American

- Rare Diseases International (RDI) Scope of action: International


-At state level, we collaborate with the Spanish Association of Lipodystrophies (SEL)

-At the European level, we collaborate with the European Consortium of Lipodystrophies (ECLIP)

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