Psychological support service (PSS)

GraficoIn a global way we can describe four fundamental objectives that define the goals to be carried out within a Psychological Support Service: to alleviate emotional suffering, to improve short-term behavior of people, to reduce long-term negative psychological effects and to acquire tools and social skills that allow us to maintain our physical and emotional health.

From the Psychological Support Service, we will analyze your face-to-face or online consultation to establish how to help you, after which we will give you an answer that may include some simple questions to get to know you better and direct the support you need. Likewise, the efficient use and exchange of information through this tool represents an advance in the professional and personal relationship.

The importance of achieving presence on the Internet as a source of information and as a psychological, social and work attention can equip people affected by lipodystrophies and their families with mechanisms to overcome these situations and improve their quality of life.

How can I contact the SAP?

- By phone Calling  +34 692397840 or writing us by whatsapp Grafico

- By email

- Through our contact form

- Social networks Grafico Grafico Instagram Youtube

-Personally at Aelip headquarters

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