What is ISLIP?

The Information Service and Lipodystrophies Orientation is a reference devise worldwide which its main purpose is to inform and guide all people, who need to know information about the pathology, people in the process of diagnosis or people who suffer from infrequent lipodystrophy. 

AELIP offers its Information Service and Lipodystrphies Orientation (ISLIP) to any person with a diagnosis or suspicion of it.

 How can ISLIP help me?

-        Provide me information about Lipodystrophies.

-        Advise me on existing resources for relatives and those affected by Lipodystrophy.

-        Contact a Medical Specialist in Lipodystrophies.

-        Refer my questions to a committee of experts in Lipodystrophy.

-        Facilitate me the access to a Psychological Support Service.

-        Help me to contact people suffering from the same pathology.

To whom is it directed?

  • Poeple affected by a lipodystrophy.
  • Relatives.
  • People without diagnosis.
  • People in the process of diagnosis.
  • Other Associations. 
  • Students. 
  • Professionals.
    Organizations related with the RD.

Who makes up the ISLIP?

The ISLIP is formed by a social worker who attends through technical advice on adequate and demanded social and health resources in each case. 

For specific medical consultations, ISLIP works in coordination with a committee of experts and advisors in lipodystrophies at an international level that responds to any medical consultation related to the disease. 

In addition, SIOLIP also works with a multidisciplinary team formed by psychologist, lawyer, sexual advisor and nutritionist to whom the related consultations are referred according to the requests and needs demanded by the people and families affected by Lipodystrophy.   

Does this service have a cost?

No. The Information Service and Lipodistrofias Orientation is completely free of charge.

¿How can I contact ISLIP?

- By phone calling +34 692397840 or send us a WhatsApp message  Grafico

- Via e-mail

- Through our  contact form

- Social media  Grafico Grafico Instagram Youtube

-In person at  Aelip headquartes 


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