Legal Counselling Services


AELIP offers to its associates Legal Counceling Services. 

This service aims to provide advice and guidance on any ongoing legal and judicial procedures, and any information or legal enquiries regarding the disability. Additionally, you are informed on the right to free legal counseling, and any other issues or services related to these matters.

How can I contact the Legal Counceling Services?

 - By phone,+34 692397840 Or you can contact us via WhatsApp Grafico

- By email, to

- Through our  contact form

- Social Networks Grafico Grafico Instagram Youtube

- You can visit us at the AELIP headquarters 

AELIP offers: 

??Orientación on legal procedures, in labour cases, educational cases etc.

??Defensa on the rights of people with lipodystrophy

Gema Chicano Saura

Lawyer of AELIP

How can I contact the Legal Advice Service?


 - By phone by calling +34 692397840 or writing to us by whatsapp Grafico

- By email

- Through our contact form

- Social Networks   Grafico Grafico Instagram



-In person at Aelip headquarters 

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