Lipodystrophies Symposium

GraficoThe Lipodystrophies Symposium is a space dedicated to Lipodystrophies, where the affected, families, medical proffesionals, and researchers on the topic meet. AELIP acts as a link between the parties. The purpose of the Symposium is to analyze the latest breakthroughs, to share experiences, to promote funding methods, to improve the quality of life of those affected and their families, and to find new professionals to work on this field.

After the symposium, the affected and their families feel hopeful in the progress of the researches. The improvement provided by leptin treatment in cases diagnosed with Lipodystrophy is added to that sense of hope.


  • To create spaces for exchange and coexistence between family members and parents of children with lipodystrophies.

  • To promote the quality of life of people who live with a lipodystrophy.

  • To promote research actions in the field of lipodystrophies


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