The World Lipodystrophy Day arises as a platform to develop reference activities, as well as to undertake, unite and promote political and social actions in different places in Spain and Europe, in collaboration with the alliances of Latin American countries (ALIBER) and the European organization of rare diseases (EURORDIS). The first world day of lipodystrophies was celebrated in 2013

AELIP celebrates at international level in March, the most important awareness campaign of the year: the World Lipodystrophy Day March 31

This campaign is promoted by the European Organisation for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS) and the Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases (FEDER) and is developed in coordination with the Ibero-American Alliance for Rare Diseases (ALIBER) Rare diseases international (RDI), the Spanish Society for Lipodystrophies (SEL) and the European Consortium for Lipodystrophies (ECLIP)  

Goals and Objectives 

Among the objectives of AELIP for this campaign:

To raise awareness of the public health problems caused by lipodystrophies.

To implement actions that will have an impact on avoiding the social isolation that in many cases those affected by and their families with lipodystrophies suffer.

To carry out activities to disseminate the characteristics and particularities of lipodystrophies.

To carry out coordination actions with all the parts involved: patients, public administration, health professionals, etc., in order to find resources and improve the attention of those affected.


Why a gesture?

Because it is a distinctive element that favors the adhesion of all people to the Campaign. It generates a feeling of union and cohesion around people with lipodystrophies and exemplifies the conceptual idea of the Campaign in an easy and simple way. The origin of the gesture comes from the support to the research on Lipodystrophies 

What gesture are we going to push for?

Gesture: Campaign "L" form an L with the thumb and index finger of the left hand 

What do we want to inspire? Why this gesture?

- This gesture symbolizes the initial "L" of the word Lipodystrophy

- It transmits a message of unity and accompaniment.

- It conveys positivism, a sense of victory.




1. Upload your photo with the L gesture (with the thumb and index finger of the left hand) to TWITER, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM with the following hashtag

#WLD2024 #TreatmentEquity #Lypodistrophy

Get a support video involving a famous personality.
Carry out awareness activities.

Diffusion through different media.

Send mass emails to your friends and acquaintances.

2. Request in your municipality the turquoise illumination on 31 March of an emblematic building, town hall, fountains and upload a photo to social media with the hashtags

#WLD2024 #TreatmentEquity #Lypodistrophy

3. Share daily in social networks the decalogue of needs of people and families living with a lipodystrophy in the world





Consult the manifesto for the World Lipodystrophy Day English, Portuguese and Spanish version






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